Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's at The Central?

put five hungry people together on a sunday night and what do you get?
a massive bill hey!

any guesses? 

quaint. :)

we had a salad for starters and we devoured it like a pack of hungry wolves once it arrived.
crisp lettuce, chopped olives, momotaro tomatoes, a small scoop of tuna flakes topped with a slice of lemon.
and cost too much.
I'd rather have my salads at The Vault.

in garlic butter.
lit ablaze for just a moment.
was that sandy base solid fuel?

$9.50 for six.
A dollar odd for a pop.
The satisfaction just wasn't enough.

Spanish paella.
This was enough to share for two or three small eaters.
The ingredients were substantial.
Although I wish all the seafood was not that dry.

Italian burger.
Original demi glaze sauce.
Oozes juice when you cut into it.
Every bite was full on meat flavour.
This would be perfect on a hot plate with a baked potato.
No complaints on the mash though.

Seafood cream spaghetti.
Salmon, squid rings and mushrooms.
Generous serving of everything in its namesake.
I'm a happy camper.

 This tonkatsu set had the makings of a good value set.
Free flow rice, salad and seconds on the miso.
The tonkatsu cutlet was nothing compared to Tampopo and Tonkichi.
The breaded batter was crisp.
But the meat was tough and unyielding to a cut by a spoon.
we had seconds on this.
What did I say about 5 hungry people?

And when I thought that was it... 

Curry burger.
Same awesome patty.
This time on a hotplate!
But smothered to death with a pungent curry sauce and topped with cheese
and lots of cherry pink pickles.

I needed rice with this because it was a tad too salty.

And if you think that was all for dinner...

What's dinner without desserts?

Banana caramel pie topped with a generous squeeze of whipped cream and a couple of walnuts.
We had two of these and very fairly devoured.
Thick slices of banana covered with a gelatinous mixture.
There was just the merest hint of caramel.
But a delightful treat anyhow.

Warm brownie topped with ice cream.
You couldn't go wrong with a rich chocolate base and a cool sweet vanilla topping.
If this was vanilla ice cream of a higher quality,
I'd pick this over the caramel banana tart any day.

So the bill?
Came up to $184.70 for the 5 of us.
The company was good.
Food was good on the overall.
Some hits and misses.
But still, I'd be up for dinner with these people again anytime :)

Thanks for having me hey.
My virgin experience at Ma Maison.

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