Friday, November 09, 2012

Makan Gathering @ High Society Mansion (Pacific Plaza)

It's been a rough week for me.
I definitely was not feeling the least bit Ms Congeniality.
But I guess it was time to take a break.
To see my friends.
And have a good mEAT-up session.
Thanks to MissTamChiak for accomodating three of us at such short notice. :)

For just $35 nett.

Minstrone soup.

Pretty interiors on the second level of High Society Mansion at Pacific Plaza.

We didn't take lamb, so between fish and pasta,
we settled happily on haddock.
Only to be sorely disappointed by the size and taste of thin dried flaky fish with encased in a salty batter.

Whip out the flash already.
It was fun focusing all our cameras on the pork knuckle sharing dish. :)
That also meant,
*slaps hand away.
everyone just had to wait for the photo madness to be over before eating.

Crabmeat ceasar salad.
The seafood taste was too strong to be enjoyed.
And serving us the heart of the lettuce stalk?
Dear Chef,
It was an oversight right?
I'd like to think.

Yay brussel sprouts.
And mash and gravy.
But the cajun chicken tasted dry and tough.
And where's my cajun spices anyway?

Salted prawns.
It seems.
I took a scallop instead.
Juicy but not tenderly so.
Pasta tasted reminiscent of mee siam more than laksa.

Duck confit.
The carrot puree was key for our table's discussion.
My grip was in the skin though.
Where's the crisp? :(
And duck that tasted like KFC's originals.
So says my dining companions.

Oxtail stew.
Oh I totally mopped this one up with the bread. :)
Yummy delish!

And I scream, you scream, the girls all scream for dessert!
Cupcakes. Topped with cream.
Lots of cream.
And if it wasn't chantilly cream, I'd not want to pile on the fats for this.
These cupcakes were unique with that dollop of cream with various tastes and addition of nuts.
These things should come with placards.
Or maybe not.
We had our fairshare tasting and guessing.

Noisette cake slice.
Aside from tasting frozen, this was decadent.
The macarons were an ultimate sweet treat to end off the night.

It wasn't the food but the company.
I had awesome table mates.
And we even had goodiebags to bring home.
Hello 1kg of Huiji honey, kaya and coffee.
I had a good Saturday night out.

Thanks @misstamchiak and @dashtaz.
To more makan gatherings! :)

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