Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shami Banana Leaf Delights of Northpoint fame? :)

A car, a driver and four hungry passengers.
Well, five hungry people.

Look at those long basmati rice grains.
Beautiful individual pieces, cooked till their maximum length.
Masala chicken.
Choice of chicken part.
I had a drumstick.
But please, try their chicken breast.
It's not tough and it's a generous serving of meat. ;)
A side of eggplant.
And chicken curry gravy of the watery variety.
The vegetable option is flexible.
I'd recommend their beansprouts.
Silvers of crunchy beansprouts, green chilli and shredded carrots.
And very filling.

Culture vulture.
It was finger licking good.
Couldn't you tell? :)

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