Friday, May 23, 2008

london to see the Queen! :) the changing of guards is totally a non-serious event. the military band plays diamonds are forever. well. okay so bond is an English spy. haha. :) it's been mad weather. i left home with a spag top, pullover, socks, pants and half coat and by afternoon it became just the spag top, rolled up pants and everything else on my arm or in the bag. :) i love the afternoons. it's so hot it's painful to be out but absolutely lovely to be sprawled on the grass- anywhere there's a patch of grass. it's terribly irresponsible for me to just pack up and leave. but i realize that i really need it. as much as i didn't want to leave for that whole 4 hours i was having tuition, by the time i got to the departure gate, the tears were just too hard to hold back. it's amazing how things just fell into place like that. being able to find a place to stay, seats on the flights... it can't just be coincidence. was just doing my overdue QT on the flight. and i'm thankful for the reminders. not to judge, to remember that pain is His way of branding the image of Jesus in my life and to remember to hide the Word in my heart so that i am able to have that treasure trove when i face trials. i've been too laid back with memory verses every week. at least one of us is accountable. :/ well you anyway. it's my break. away from you. away from church. a time of refreshing. :) that's my prayer. that i get home a happy girl. and like kaige says, safely. it's so strange to be saying a happy girl. it's as if i'm not happy now. but i am. just happiness plagued with everything else. i just want to be alone. i asked for it. and i got it. :) it's so different tokyo and now. that's thinking about you and forgetting you. i'm never gonna forget but i gotta pack up the memories and move on. wish me luck!

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