Saturday, May 03, 2008

hip diner serves decent food. i'm pretty impressed. it's like billy bombers. made affordable. :) fish and chips were lovely. n because we shared, we tried the mary springs chicken too. the citibank set came with soup and milkshakes! mm. i like the vanilla one. :) strawberry's a lil too sweet. the girls had tong shui for dessert. i gave it a pass. which worked out since i went to chatterbox at mandarin for drinks after that.
a cool and easy. peppermint apple? i can't remember. but it was nice. :) and we had bites.
probably because they were hot and fried but they were good :) 38th floor really makes you want to go again. i still dont have my watch. no watch is plenty of time. time passes fast. but there's just that je ne sais quoi that's missing. i guess it's just not the same. i thought about walking down lonely lane today. and it was scary. i admitted it aloud. it's nice to hear your thoughts and dreams. i learnt to listen. and be slow to action. it's not in my part to do anything. but ganbatte. 'm always gonna be around. :)

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