Thursday, May 01, 2008

:) mad chocolate. well, the original stash looked mad. till there was the office people, the family to give away to. i can't wait to share them with jia and en. i hope we have a committee mtg soon enough before the chocolate umm. haha. i love this shot with mum. she can't do candid shots. which i thought was really cute. this was one of the very few she tried. i wish i went to frankfurt with daddy. i hope i will get to sometime :) finally cleared the last of my observations ytd. it went good. i loved my kids for trying so hard. it was so cute. to see them really just trying their best to keep quiet and pay full attention. it's the first day i've only had to call wx's name once. haha. the cutest. we had caricuture drawing class in sch ytd. ooh he drew me a picture.

aww. :) peter draw. i like the guy. he's funny. genuine. :) and the picture looks like you. staying in school till 5pm on a mad hot day was no joke. but i had my girls. jo and angel and karen. it was nice. very nice. i could stay on in this school. if i had them with me. i'm thankful that angel's my neighbour. i love my aisle. it always gets hard to leave. a 10 week relationship thats ending soon. it's the first labour day that i'm having as a working individual. heh. :) en and i signed up for the 10k yesterday. haha. it sounds suicidal currently. but then when we were deliberating over it. it sounded like good training for nepal and lots of girlfriend time. i can't wait to make those pretty hairbands together. my anklet's become quite a part of me. i think it's grace. a naked wrist and an adorned ankle. everything works out for the good of you and me. :) teaching tuition next week. i hope it works out okay. 'll be missing church for abt a month. :/ i hope it's gonna be okay.

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