Tuesday, May 06, 2008

ikea. :) but lemon butter fish was not nice. sigh. or maybe they just gave me a bad piece and i always get very lil chips. hai. meatballs were not very exciting either. chicken wings were normal. and i thought the mushroom soup was probably the best. and ikea's not supposed to be like that. so what could the problem be? me. as it seems. i'm so tired. invigilating this morning for 2h and 15 mins almost took the life out of me. breakfast is pretty darn important. hello everyone please eat breakfast :) teaching tuition for the past two nights at tampines. thank goodness for friends who drive and cabs. getting there by public transport is definitely no-go. just 5 more sessions to go including missing church next three sundays. :/ swimming tmrw with en and jia and making exciting stuffs. and thurs dinner with the girls. then saturday is young adults tea meeting. oh my. things are not slowing down even as practicum draws to a close. but who's complaining? i'm tired. but i'm happy :)

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