Saturday, May 03, 2008

sharing with you what's in the hotpot :) golden mushrooms, salmon, mushroom hotdogs, chicken, minced pork, veggies, wolfberries. there's more. somewhere in there :) labour day was fun. just time spent home with family. mummy wants hotpot, she gets hotpot. josh had 4 bowls of rice. thats just disturbing. but he liked dinner. yays. i think cooking is tiring. but therapeutic. i can't describe it. my back aches and my wrists are sore after all the prep but it's worth it. and while i'm doing the prep, it feels nice. if you like something you wouldnt mind doing it? :) today was the last day doing lesson plans! yays. done done done! it feels so surreal. even tummy cramps couldnt stop me from skipping. girlfriend time out, billy bombers milkshakes and cool and easy drinks at mandarin hotel. ahh. this is the life :) it gets a little awkward spending too much time out. but not thinking about it makes things easier. i had a strange dream last night. about someone named daniel and him offering me a cafe latte while he took a coke. which i think is a big deal since i dont like coke. hahaha. very strange. in any case. i'm off to bed. kairos whole day tmrw! :)

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