Thursday, October 04, 2007

yesterday was a special girl's birthday. :) it was so special. that there was a power trip in the kitchen at timbre. hahahah. live music was good. with good company- even better :) and it gives ample opportunity to just keep quiet and soak in the music. which could be deafening sometimes. almost as deafening as silence. i felt terrible. leaving my brother at home to prepare for the psle while i stayed out. but like my twin said, i have to live my own life. i can't be there each and every single step of the way. although i really wish i could. she's telepathic. i didn't say anything and i was normal in answering her. but she still knew. :) thank God for you girlfriend.
the birthday girl and i. with her pretty pink bag :) she's happy. can you tell? and then it's all worth it. :)

my heart stopped today. literally. the lil brother who is TOO stressed out by the exams, forgot to shade in his optical answer sheet. not one, not two, not three qns. but ALL the questions. i almost fainted. i was too stunned to react. i'm pretty sure my heart reacted on my behalf. i held my breath for what felt like forever then got round to calling up the sch. the general office, the staffroom, the HODs. and i still had classes to attend. when i stepped into the shower, i cried. all the things that went thru my mind... none of them were good. and i prayed. hard. very hard. but thank goodness, he has good teachers at school who bother. his discipline master rushed down to the exams board to find out what could be done. and he called to inform me that the relevant examining authorities will do the necessary and extract his answers from the booklet instead. yes, thank God that the brother wrote his answers SOMEwhere. well that was my day. too much in one day. mummy suffered insults and injustice at work. customer service. this is as bad as it ever gets.

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