Thursday, October 18, 2007

so i stayed on in sch after class to wait for my friend to give me a ride out of no man's land. he was heading for northpoint so the alpha male and 4 females happily trooped along to his car and off we went! and i'm glad i did. it was pouring. TORRENTIAL rains. the thing abt staying to wait for him is that staying on campus to wait is a torture. a big torture. but today. i just didnt feel like squashing with ppl on the bus, the train. i was feeling antisocial. and kinda mean. or basically just lethargic. and grumpy. or maybe all of the above. and hungry. so i walked over to ntu to grav a cheeseburger to munch on while waiting (which explains how i am getting so fat even if i jog on weekends. such a tragedy.) love the jam, love the rain. love everything when i can doze off to sleep in the car. it took us 45 minutes to get to yishun. where i waddled through a flooded interchange and waited for a good 15 minutes before 855 came. thennnn. that starts my girlfriend night. :) we had dinner at a nondescript chinese eating place at casuarina that serves pretty decent food. yum. and because all 3 of us were brain dead from work/school, we sat immobile in the car for a good 15 minutes deciding where dessert should be. a few mad turns, a few spontaneous drive-thru traffic lights later, we ended up at the gardens. for haaaaaato. i needed a bit of heart in my life. right now i think i could possibly become stone. or am i already. black sesame/ soursop, hazelnut/lychee made our night :) girlfriend nights out aren't ever a waste of time. but sometimes, i just wish relationships weren't always the topic of choice. there're things you know you just aren't good at :)

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