Sunday, October 14, 2007

so i had my morning run :) no faster no slower. i think we're clocking about the same time here. i didn't walk! but i jogged realllly slowly. human traffic and improper shoes. i can do something about the latter. which i will. in due course. we had lunch at beach road. yong tau foo soup and sugarcane was a comfort to the tummy on a rainy day. i like being sheltered. :) daddy and lil bro weren't so lucky though. they were caught in the rain while fishing. they came by beach road to get me and i had time for a lil nap before they wanted lunch. say hello to the family's fave chicken rice stall. freshly fried roasted chicken. complete with yummylicious chilli and tasty soup. mmm. sorry i'm not a fan of chicken rice-rice. heh. but the rice is good too. of course ;)

by the time lunch was over, i was all ready to concuss in bed. which i did. since i had to prove worthy for my second career option in the hawker centre. i cooked beehoon for 30 people. a-mazing. and everyone liked it :) the food was not lacking. in fact, it was wayy too much. a billion otahs, hotdogs, chicken wings, satays, prawns and no a billion is not because my math leaves much to be desired. it's a ballpark estimate that's pretty darn near the truth. hahaha. then there's grandma's two pots of potent chicken curry and aunt-in-law's gorgeous glutinous rice.

okay so i like taking photos. i just really like saturdays. for some reason or other. :) how was yours?

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