Saturday, October 20, 2007

this is what a typical late night supper looks like. :) i havent had my mushroom minced pork porridge in a bit. now it's a bit more atas- dried oyster braised peanut and mushroom porridge.
when mummy works on saturdays,beach road yong tau foo is what we'd have for lunch. :) i grew up eating this. except sometimes i dont eat it anymore. i just drink the soup. time of the month doesnt make my tummy too happy. and then there's the mandatory dessert. ah balling. i think ridiculous sounding names are profitable :) mummy wanted belgium waffles today. it's crazy. they have a facebook account. hahaha. creative communication indeed.

daddy says: tummy hurts, but can eat tsp? i say: uh huh :)wouldn't you like one too? :)

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