Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the mid autumn i missed out on. :(and in other news:
assembling the lasagne
preparing the carbonara sauce

and eating it :)

tuesdays are? my aunt's off days. which explains why. we get to have kitchen fun. that's what we call family bonding.

the woman behind yummy sui gao soup :)

my grandmama.

tuesdays are? the best days of the week. except. that i'm only home at 4.30pm most tuesdays. except for today. and i love it. absolutely love it. what was in the kitchen? there's bubble milk tea, minced chicken lasagne, chicken mushroom carbonara, dumpling soup. should i go on further? :) it's soooo fun. loving it. honestly. and hey, it might have something to do with you too. :)

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