Monday, October 08, 2007

so what did i do on a bright and early saturday morning? it's been a while. a very long while taking that route. but i'm glad i did. and all by myself too :) the feeling's strange. like scary lonely jogging alone. but then when the voice of God sets in, the feelings of peace and calmness immediately take over. that's when i love being alone. it's inexplicable. and one of the main reasons why i've fallen in love with diving. it's hearing just you yourself. no one else. :) that's one of mummy's biggest worries too. :/ so i took forever on the route. it's embarrassing to say the least. but for someone who clocks zero km on a daily basis, this jogging thing was a shock to my poor system. hahaha. well, i'm alive and in one piece :)

that's not water droplets on my skin. but it's water droplets underneath my skin. i'm still in the process of peeling. so like my classmate says. it's really as if you've never been sunburnt before. well, on the contrary, i have. just never this bad and neither have i ever gone jogging after being sunburnt. it was icky. like chickenpox. but it comes off easy. just scratch and peeeeeel. i like exfoliating in a tangible way but let's not get too carried away. :)
and so after that we had our dim sum lunch. :) mmmm. i like. morning runs and dim sum days. wanton mee mummy bought for my breakfast without knowning i was going for my run. chicken wings were for dinner at toa payoh and i came home to shower after my run to start cooking lunch for the family. yong tau foo soup's my specialty- yellow soy beans, wolfberries and ikan bilis. nutritional goodness :)

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