Wednesday, September 03, 2014

What's one to do with an insatiable sashimi craving?

The bright and cheery colours of the morning came in the form of these plastic utensils.
A fire-engine red bowl filled with a deliciously smooth fish congee.
Not overly dense.
Just enough liquids to keep the taste of the porridge light.
Skip the soy sauce, it's tasty enough on its own.
The pale yellow green plate held sides of a raw fish salad topped generously with fragrant sesame oil. The heady aroma so deliciously addictive.
The man's hand works like clockwork.
Expertly assembling plates of these raw fish salads.
I could hardly keep up.
Finished with a generous peppering of white sesame seeds, spring onions, a dash of white pepper, ringlets of chopped red chilli for just that little spice.
Topped finally with a mound of chopped raw lettuce.
Don't forget to squeeze those bits of lime on the side.
The chinese version of a sashimi salad does not pale in comparison to its better known japanese counterpart.

What completes the experience is a lovely husband and wife team.
While getting on in age,
they look to be fit and healthy.
Working fast to fill orders yet never missing an opportunity to offer a smile.

The uncle also practices service excellence. 
He even brought over the soy sauce and pepper for me after I had left with my orders.
Because he says, "Just in case you needed it."

This stall has a light green store front, called ___ Ru Yi Porridge is an understated gem.
It is directly opposite Wow Wow West at ABC Brickworks Market.
If anyone knows what their stall name is, please do leave a comment.

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