Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Breakfast of champions @ Killiney Kopitiam

1030am on a Saturday morning.
And I find myself at Killiney Kopitiam.
At Killiney Road.
With a whole bunch of other hungry people.

To be honest, breakfast is my worst meal of the day.
Given my early starts, I eat whatever I can just so I don't work on an empty tummy and sometimes I'm so hungry I'm eating up a whole packet of greasy fried economical noodles at 9am and snacking after.

That's not breakfast.
That's like a binge fest.
All day. Everyday.

Which is why I love my weekends.
I'm usually at trainings both days which means I grab two pieces of bread and have that for breakfast.
Now that. 
Qualifies as breakfast.

But I digress.
So breakfast here at Killiney.
You'd think I'd do the quintessential kaya toast order.
But nope.
I went for the ultimate indulgence.
An order of laksa.
Actually, I do suppose the order of chicken curry and prata would be even more indulgent.
In any case, I was pleased with my order.
I mean, look at that dollop of chilli! :)

It was rich.
Redolent with the richness and fragrance of coconut milk and spices.
Fresh blood cockles would've made this perfect.

A cup of teh halia + milk - ginger tea with milk to help with my digestion of this bowl of yum!
Also popular on the tables was the mee siam.
It did look enticing.
And I'll probably try that on my next visit.

Asian pride.
Full of all that eggy goodness and rich coconut milk.
This was hot and freshly packed.
It took all of my willpower to resist opening the bottle for a spoonful of kaya.

Saving it for breakfast spread on Sunday :)

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