Monday, September 29, 2014

Terrible Thursday

Because the exams have been taking a toll on me.
With a terrible breakout and the worst kind of sinking feeling ever.
There's much to be said about faith and blind confidence.
Or none of all that and instead, painful reality.
And she was in the same kind of situation.
A same same but different type.
We desperately needed a break.

Oz Specialty Coffee it was.

Now that would make terrible better.
Yes, it did.
But not till you get past the pursed lips of the girls behind the counter.
The cold shoulder.
The aloof demeanour.
Which made us feel entirely unwelcome.
On a day like today?
That was definitely not what I needed.
And I had half a mind to just cancel my orders and leave.

But really, who else needs a terrible Thursday right?
So we took the outdoor seats along the corridor.
(There's only 4 seats at the bar counter)

Their salted caramel and banana waffles.
Being Belgian liege waffles, they were full on jaw action.
I loved the crisp exterior contrasted with the dense chewy interior.
The premium vanilla ice cream scoop melted quickly in the warm heat and was barely enough for just one waffle.
The other waffle had only bananas for company.
It was filling and pretty darn satisfying.
This would be perfect if the bananas were caramelised.

My order of an iced chocolate was a welcome respite from the heat.
And her ice cream latte was good, she said.
My coffee fast is becoming quite the reality.

I'm hard pressed to come back here because of the kind of service I was given.
But their waffles do deserve a repeat visit.
I'll just have to find someone else to do the ordering. :)

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