Sunday, September 21, 2014

Equinox @ 70th Swissotel

Amuse bouche compliments of the chef
Compressed watermelon with pea sauce and chorizo.
This was a palate pleaser- both cleansing and appetizing all at once.
We enjoyed this.

And of course, we loved the bread basket.
Forget the no-carbs diet.
We were on an all carbs and full butter non diet!

My favourite was the cheese and onion bread.
The garlic herb rolls were a hit too.
I reckon we loved them all (we had seconds!) except the sourdough.

Of all things to focus on. He had it on the bread.
Excuse the man, he's a new user of a Sony A6000.
And I'm none the wiser.
A tip for choosing the appetizers,
some of them come in individual portions.
So do check with the servers before placing your orders.

The smoked salmon with pickles and pearl onions were appetizing but lacked a certain kind of oomph.
The wagyu beef tataki was a  definite crowd pleaser.
With seared thin pieces of beef served on equally thin slices of pickled daikon.
It kept us wanting.

The arrival of this seafood platter for two caused a collective gasp.
At the sheer size of the serving platter.
That, plus the full sized lobster. :)
We loved the raw salmon and ikura.
The sauces kept us really busy too, selecting and mixing sauces for the different shells and crustaceans.
The only gripe we had about this was that there was just too much work involved in eating. 

Enter the Chauteaubriand.
A 500g serving of an A-grade tenderloin.
We had it medium.
And it was simply amazing.
Perhaps a little raw on the inside for our last two slices and that made it hard to cut through.
A little too much jaw action.
The truffle butter sauce is highly recommended.
The bearnaise unfortunately paled (pun totally intended.) in comparison.
We asked for an additional serving of truffle butter but it was simply watered down and tasted terrible.

Massive onion rings.
While they tasted like a sinful indulgence,
I hardly thought 4 rings justified a price tag of $15.

The New York Striploin was a satisfying 300g.
However, there was just too much fat within the slab of beef for anyone's liking.
Definitely go for the Chateaubriand.

Tonight was definitely a dinner with a view. 
Some hits and misses.
But the company made it all better. :)

This vanilla cheesecake was exquisite.
Smooth and redolent with the rich taste of vanilla, 
the slightly tart raspberry coulis was a perfect accompaniment to this dessert offering.

We moved on to NewAsia Bar upstairs for some after-dinner drinks.
Time for some bubbly to toast the birthday boy.
My allergy stops me from more than just one mouth of alcohol.
I had the Hokkaido Berry made with coconut milk.
Lychee bits and its syrup in coconut milk went surprisingly well together.

A night out to dine.
With company so fine.
Accompanied by wine.
The pleasure was all mine!

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