Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homecooked to perfection

Understated beauty.
All my life we've been on the lower ground floors.

 Dinner was a massive affair for a one man show starting from 3pm and only ending at about 630pm.

Starting off with a simple cherry tomato and lettuce salad 
drizzled with basalmic vinaigrette dressing.

A perfectly al dente aglio olio. 
The pasta was boiled and simply stir fried with chopped garlic sauteed and tossed in olive oil and chopped parsley.

Diced red onions and chopped parsley.
These mussles sat simmering in a vin blanc broth cooked till dry.
And they all opened up so beautifully.

Deliciously satisfying tender pork ribs.
What's that addictive sauce?
The secret of V8 veggie juice and Worcester sauce.

Saving the best for last.
Moussaka fresh out of the oven.
It's everything you could imagine in a moussaka.
Slices of aubergine lightly glazed with oil and baked.
A rich minced beef sauce simmered in tomato puree.
Layer by layer they alternated.
Topped with a rich and creamy bechamel sauce and could we ever forget,
a generous topping of cheese.
A beaten egg added to the bechamel sauce before topping would have made for a more authentic custard-like finish that would have been more filling.
Not that it would stop me from going for seconds, really.

And dinner was served.

No, this was not the Masterchef.
But this was his very adorable nephew who was unfortunately feeling under the weather and was crying his lungs out most of the time we were there.

Thanks for opening up your home.
Cooking your day away for a bunch of girlfriends getting together and catching up.
The food was awesome.
The company was great.
Monday blues...
Say what?

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