Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Midweek lunch break @ Swensens

It's always a joy to meet up with a dear friend. 
And her lil daughter.
Perfectly innocent, pure unadulterated joy in her own kiddy bubble. 

We settled in for lunch break but we never got round to making our orders till a long while later.
Just too much to talk about. Too much to catch up on.

We met at 1pm at Swensens in Northpoint.
Smack in the middle of the timeslot for their weekday lunch treats
Monday-Fridays from 11am -2pm.
And apparently we could've chosen from a free side, sundae or free drink. 

That's because right after our order of mains, she enquired what we would like for a free side. There was no mention of a sundae or drink choice. :(

I would've really loved a sundae today.
Sore throats really don't go well with fried anything.
these were perfectly battered and tasting divine piping hot.

Deep fried mushrooms
Juicy mushrooms encased in a perfectly crisp batter.
Even when it's no longer piping hot.

Spice 'N' Chic
A first time for me.
It was served as promised, plump and tender chicken strips full on flavour.
Just a little on the salty side.

My friend had a Healthier choice Pesto Salmon.
Nicely grilled with flaky salmon pieces that her daughter loved.

While I went for the works on their signature Mega Burger.
And boy was it massive.
The burger patty was a little too well done but it was still juicy and delish.

And their sunny side up egg with chicken ham and turkey bacon made it feel like I was having a double meal of breakfast and lunch altogether at once.
My only reservation was that the burger bun at its base was a little soaked over with oil.
It was all too much but I loved every bit of it.
If pregnancy was bliss,
I definitely felt it at lunch. :)

All photos were taken with no filter applied.
The counter seats at Swensens here in Northpoint were right next to the window and the lighting there for photos was just perfect.

It was a good midweek break.
A delicious catch up session with my favourite mama.
Happy belated birthday my dear friend!

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