Thursday, August 14, 2014

I heart lazy Sundays

It's been awhile since.
I've been back for some of these blended beans.

And boy were we ravenous after a mad morning of hide-and-seek and belly-full of laughter from our mad antics at the Alive Museum Singapore.

Just a hop, skip and well, a taxi ride away.
We find ourselves at Anthesis.

While waiting for our orders, my itchy hands picked up their mini chalkboards for their menu specials.
We asked if we could have some chalk to scribble on the back of these boards and the ever obliging staff at this lovely cafe gladly brought us some!

And there, we have my rubbish scribbles.
Together with the food that swiftly arrived at our tables.
In ten minutes tops.

The crisp waffles with glazed bananas was just as promised in its name sake.
The waffles were crisp but not overly dry.
The powdered sugar on top looked like a whole load but it made the waffles perfectly savoury sweet without the syrup.
I loved my dish although I wish I could have a bigger portion of waffle for the price I was paying.

More items to the table.
Our very dependable flat whites. :)

Of particular mention to this pretty plating of Eggs Duo.
Creamy scrambled eggs and ham and a mushroom frittata with a creamy sauce that I could not get enough of.

And the one that stole my heart.
These huge juicy sea prawns.
Just look at them.
Definitely juicy.
A bite of these crunchy prawns sends umami juices into one's mouth.
Don't bother trying to share half of these,
the pleasure must be taken on in full.
While you're at it, don't forget the capellini.
The paprika powder added just a touch of spice and pretty colour to this dish.
My only reservation was an over generous use of olive oil which culminated in an oily mess at the base of this pasta.

Our table of 7 also had three orders of the Pegasus.

Be still my heart.
Take not your flight.
Till I have devoured this mythical creature descended from food heaven.
Never too much to be shared.

And here's our parting shot.
A Sunday by where the Singapore River flows through.
The food was slightly pricey for some menu items.
But it still has my favourite house blend.
And the food standards are consistently maintained.

Kudos to the very obliging staff at Anthesis.
We loved it,
loved you.
And we'll definitely be back for more. :)

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