Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to where it all started.

Last day of the Seventh Month on the Lunar Calendar and the last of the Seventh Month dinners organised by various committees. I'm long past the age of mad auctions and communal dining even if it is, good food. Dad and I were just chauffering Grandma and Mum over to the Foochow Clan Association at Jalan Besar.

So what's for dinner?

Just around the corner was Jalan Besar Stadium and the Broadway coffeeshop right next to it houses five of the original Longhouse stalls. Perfect for a dad and daughter dinner.

Parking spaces were aplenty at the Jalan Besar Stadium with parallel lots lining the sides of the stadium and a multi-storey covered carpark for those who aren't inclined to parallel lots. 
Like me. 
The last time we parked in the multi-storey, it was cashcard operated but now it's been converted to coupon parking. And at 50 cents per half hour, be sure to park safe and eat with a peace of mind.

*Chew on this!
Did you know that the Longhouse was originally a row of shops outside the old Jalan Besar Stadium? It had to move to Upper Thomson in 2000 when the stadium was undergoing renovation works. Fourteen years down the road, they are back to where they started- next to the Jalan Besar Stadium. 

But I digress. 
Let's get down to the food. 

I don't know about you. But I've missed delicious carrot cake and char kway teow from Longhouse Delights. I couldn't stomach them both so I settled for white carrot cake.

If a higher proportion of egg and radish are your standards for a perfect plate of carrot cake, then this must be it.

Mr Kee Chon Leong of Longhouse Delights was still as smiley as I had remembered.

"Want chilli?"
"Yes please. Just put it on the side."
"So should I fry it in? Or do you just want it on the side?"
"Fry it in and can I please have some more on the side?"
He patiently makes sure that he gets my order right before frying it.

Be impressed.

Dad took a pork chop option from Best Western Grill & Pasta.
Mr David Foo was considerably less smiley here.
Busily manning the grills and toasting garlic bread slices.

Thankfully though, he had a female assistant ringing up the cash registers and doling out smiles.

My favourite coleslaw.
And the most uninspiring crinkle cut fries ever.

At $7 for two pieces of these fork tender pork chops,
the fries were negligent to its popularity.
Dad nary made a cut before he was able to pull it off a piece easily with his fork.
So quick I couldn't even manage a focused shot! :)
Savoury marinade that keeps one going for more.
Mopping up the sauce with the fries greatly increased their palatability.

It could've been nostalgia.
But dinner that night was more than simply just satisfying.

We'll be back for the other original Longhouse favourites soon enough. :)

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