Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Little Bears 五隻小熊

 The Five Little Bears have moved from their original store at Bugis Junction to Far East Plaza where they have taken up a spacious unit at the first floor.

Boasting authentic food from Taichung,
it was perfect for us both looking forward to some comfort food on this cold and rainy Friday.

Long tables in a canteen style seating arrangement maximises seating capacity in this self service restaurant.

The lunch hour was over by now but still there were a few other groups of diners like us catching a late lunch.

We asked the lady at the cashier for recommendations and she picked just two which was perfect for us both.

The braised pork rice.
At $5.90 for a set that comes with a choice of red/black/wintermelon tea.

The presentation was picture perfect and typically authentic.
This picture was taken without any filter.
The braised pork was tender and melted into one's mouth but the gravy lacked a certain kind of savoury oomph that I had tasted when at Formosa Zhang 鬍鬚張.
The salted vegetables were a perfect accompaniment to take away the oils from the fatty meats.
The braised egg which I saved to the last, was however much too dry. :/

Their other house special was the oyster mee sua.
At a price of $5.50 for a set with the same choices of tea.

The oysters were a welcome sight.
Huge and fatty.
There was no fishy taste present in these oysters and that was a definite plus point here.
The 蚵仔麵線 was cooked with the red mee sua, unlike the white ones we usually cook here in Singapore.
These are flat noodles which are thicker and makes them more resilient to cooking for longer periods of time.
Loved the thoughtful additions of vinegar, grated garlic and chilli.
Perfect bowl of yum when that was all mixed up together.
I just wished it was served piping hot as my last mouthfuls of the noodles were much too quickly cooled under the air conditioning system to be enjoyed.

On the overall though, there was an unmistakable air of simple comfort food that resonates in this cosy restaurant which leaves us feeling happily satiated after our meal even though there were some hits and misses with the food items here.

We'll be back for their desserts sometime soon :)

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