Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Chic-a-cherry. Skip the cola.

This comes a little late but its cherry season and I've been having a bunch of these juice pops on a daily basis.

The most commonly seen cherries in our supermarkets in this period are the Bing cherries and the Rainier cherries (pictured above)

Bing cherries have a deep red color with a firm texture.
In theory, they should have more antioxidants with their deep rich colors.

But I'd choose my Rainier cherries over them any day.
Simply because I like sweet :)
These golden hued berries with a slight red blush have a generally higher fruit sugar content than the Bing cherries.

But really.
What's the deal with cherries anyway?

The Health Benefits of Cherries

I loved this infograph.
These juice pops, while small in size
are amazing big on our health benefits.
Eat them for a healthy heart,
a better night's rest.
They even combat pain.
Gotta love popping painkillers if they look and taste like that all the time. :)

So chic-a-cherry.
Skip the Cola.

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