Friday, June 20, 2008

what i really miss from hkg. i think they'd make the flu go away. i've just been saddled with the tall order of managing a p5 class. eve does 5A, ms na in 5B and me in 5C. i know ms na's more than willing to help but i have no idea what i'm needing help in currently. and of all times to fall sick. the last time i needed to use a nasal spray, you were with me. things are happening twice over aren't they. and now i've learnt to deal. or learning. as the case may be.

thank God for friends at school. jo's in green and angie's in purple. angie's my neighbour, next table to me. we have a grocery system list. jo's in charge of beverages and chocolates. i'm getting cereals and granola and angie gets vitasoy (we all get one everyday, she buys by the cartons) and granola bars and pretzels. it's a lousy system. since we'd all just buy whatever whenever :)

because i have them, friends and not just colleagues, that smile and silly pose is gonna be forever on in the next two years at least. i really do hope. :)

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