Tuesday, July 01, 2008

don't you have friends who exasperate you to no end? :)
and at the end of the day, these are still the girls that i love the most. :) monday nights out at the cbd area. yawning and with cramps, i wondered why i was on the bus for 1 hour plus just to rush for dinner. and when i got there? i wondered no more. seeing tan, pri, goli and cassie boo. and then being surprised by zek and boh finding her way to the restaurant, i had the loveliest time ever. bye bye sakae and hello sushi tei, suki, ichiban. we had plans and it was to be in december. but december no more! we'll see what we can do in three weeks. cassie says. i'm so glad exco is back in full force. and you know what? i totally agree. :) i'm a happy girl. are you? :)))) who cares if i have double chin triple chin whatever.

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