Tuesday, February 09, 2010

simple bliss

just for YOUR birthday. not even wild elephants could've dragged me out from school after a supplementary class/ lvl meeting day for dinner. :)

TCC at Velocity

shrooms bite

while the ragout was definitely out of bounds in a low sodium diet, it did well to whet our appetites. :)

halibut pasta
HAppily without any BUTS

there was a generous smattering of onions and garlic but strangely, that was buried in the pasta and did nothing to overcome the fishy taste of the halibut-which was tender to the bite and could've been more appetizing had its fishy taste been done away with. the sauce was rich. and the parmesan shavings did well to impart some saltiness to it. made me a happy girl indeed.

bulgogi beef and mushroom
tender slices of beef with a version of bulgogi seasoning that was unfamiliar to my taste buds but nonetheless lip-smackingly tasty. :) '...for muscle building...' the description read. i'd gladly build muscles with these kinds of proteins/carbs :)
toofie and peppermint tea
no better way to ease the richness of the cream pasta and to watch the world go by on a lazy evening than with a serving of peppermint tea.
It was simple bliss indeed. 

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