Monday, September 06, 2010

bintan getaway

back from a long hiatus. photos can do the talking.
lunch at bintan idol
you'll never guess. this was mee goreng.
eating local. tahu goreng.
kung po chicken.
sour. can't decide if mee goreng or this was of a stranger taste.

dinner at 3DSR- which DSR was supposed to be the acronym for degrees. hmm.
appetizers. caramelized onion and sweet buns.
cream of capsicum. pretty sure it was pumpkin :)
spring chicken with fries
salmon with garlic fried rice
seafood temptation
mixed grill. lamb/sirloinsteak/fish/baked potato

everything was sorely overpriced and well, sore. just eating to fill them hungry tummies. but my girls made it all good. loving the weekend away. :)

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