Friday, September 10, 2010


chocolate ice cream with banana fritter (original)

they have an option for it to be served original or breaded. and it costs $7.50 bef tax and between 3-6pm, they have this on offer with their signature mint ice tea for $6++. it was GOOD! :)

signature mint ice tea
I don't think it was expensive if you made an order for a dessert as the one above but. we ordered another one which was ice cream with strawberry ice-cream and that. was a waste of stomach space and money. they were frozen pancakes and it was topped with one strawberry or maybe two at most, sliced into miserable pieces, served with random strawberry ice cream. the lousy tasting kind of course.
Then, there was a one for one offer on the pizza that they refused to accord to us because it was 5.55pm and you need time to make the pizza and it would've exceeded 6pm by the time it arrives so i'm sorry you cannot enjoy the offer. How does that reasoning make sense? It states 3-6pm and does not state a last order timing. And while I was pondering on the feasibility of their excuse, there they were stuffing their faces with another customer's wrong order of a pizza in plain sight. Well done LENAS. Very lousy customer service.
So we headed elsewhere for dinner. We took a stroll to raffles city and ended up at the newly renovated basement and had a nice comforting bowl of Clam Chowder! :) at The Soup Spoon. *yum
regular clam chowder. *ahhh. :)

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