Wednesday, June 18, 2008

things never happen the same way twice. auntie wan yee's said it. brendon's said it. now azlan says it. they never really do. it was a watch, it wasn't you. we had a confrontation. it didn't end up working out. it was hkg again, this time i cried less. i took a break again. wasn't tokyo this time but london. have you ever considered that this is really not the right one for you? at least right now? that the right here right now. is about getting my life in order with God and finishing my bond properly. the past few days have been so tiring. but they've been good. time out with brendon is always good times. i never fail to feel blessed. he listens, he shares, he advises. and above all that, he loves. never selfish. the right here right now. i've people around me whom i love to run to. :)

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