Sunday, June 15, 2008

i have a cap face! lol. i finally found a cap that doesn't make me look horrid. yay. sigh. it's like something that you always believed and now has been proven to not be true. not that it's a bad thing in this case. but just like in general. lots of things. santa claus, people close to your heart. *shrugs. we had people clapping today at main after we did prince of peace. the feeling of singing it was awesome. but the songs before that got me thinking. about how i am undeserving. yet my king should die for me. the lion in narnia. my head doesnt stay on my head much. my thoughts bring me to places i don't really comprehend. and i zone out a lot. i've had people nudge me too often these few days. auntie wan yee says it's normal. it's an anniversary feeling. those two words. are just ironically painful. i stayed over last night. because it's not healthy to be home alone. mr tomato isn't my best friend no more. stuff toys who have a perpetual smile. *shakes head.

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