Wednesday, February 26, 2014

joe & dough

Nothing like a coffee date for a Sunday break.

Flat white ($5.30)
It was decent.
But not for a pick-me-up.
It could've really used a stronger shot of coffee.

Teriyaki Chicken ($7.80)
The chicken chunks were well marinated in teriyaki sauce, juicy and tender to the bite.
The zucchini was fresh with a crunch that took away the little greasiness of chicken fat.
And the pineapple chunks were a surprise addition, 
lending a natural sweetness to this sandwich.

Bacon Mushroom Melt ($8)
This was a bun with slight sweetness.
Which was a perfect contrast to its savoury fillings.
The bacon wasn't fatty nor fried to a crisp.
Of course. The portobellos.
The earthy flavours nicely balanced the strong flavours of bacon and mozza melts.
I would be biased in my love of mushroom to say that this was my preferred choice.

But otherwise, speaking on an entirely impartial stomach,
there's an equal chance of my second order for both sandwiches.

Happy campers :)

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