Saturday, December 31, 2011

what's to be had at 313?

Too cute it made me smile :) Sitting in the al fresco area was a choice I didn't have to give a second thought about. :)


I was torn between wanting to see pretty latte art and a cold drink. Cold won me over on an unusually sunny day. :) Vanilla latte it was. Good amount of coffee amidst all that milk. It wasn't 70% milk on a usual latte. Definitely less but it was aromatic and smooth on taste. :)

For starters.

Bangers and mash. The bangers were tasty. Very tasty. The creamy mash was fluffy and light on flavour. The onion gravy added the needed saltiness to the mash. We cleaned up the plate. 

Beer battered fish and chips. A generous 4-piece fish portion with a handful of thick potato wedges. Served piping hot it was tasteful on its own but made better with tartar sauce. Personal preference :)

Sticky date pudding with a lovely dollop of old fashioned vanilla melting prettily into the warm pudding.
The handful of plump raisins in the caramel sauce were bursting with rum. What a surprise :) 

Chocolate. There were more adjectives accompanying this on the menu but let's state the obvious because the obvious was really thick and rich.
Oh if you loved chocolate.
You also need a tissue paper on hand because it's gonna be lip smackingly chocolate-y. I was with a girlfriend. We could get as messy as we wanted. Okay, maybe just me because she was prettily made up and took care to dab at her mouth after every spoonful. I just relied on my trusty tongue. :p

Thanks for the treat and for the souvenir from your trip!
What a tongue twister.
I'll be glad to use it for hmm. red packets? :) A big fish and a tiny fish pouch for coins.
I need to get me to Vietnam one of these days.

So Oriole. For coffee art the next time round.
The barista washes his coffee machine at 8pm sharp daily so get your coffee fix before then!


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