Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the coffee connoisseur @ novena square

There were a few reasons for this.
One of the biggest was feeling terrible that Josh missed out on our Italian mayhem because of his utter devotion to the safety and security of our nation.
And the fact that it's mandatory of course.
At least he likes it. :)

Then there's also the countless times I've dined/ grabbed a cheesecake from TCC but my family probably wouldn't step into it. Just because it hardly looks like a dinner restaurant.
Of course things change after you've dined at all semblances of restaurants/ pubs/ bars for the past ten days.

I think two reasons were good enough.
There's more but then you'd sleep before the food gets to you...

Dad. Always needing a good soup. :)

Mum who eats beef while Dad doesn't so these are her rare occassions for that kind of red meat. Juicy. Medium well done. She liked it.
Josh had a yuzu salmon pasta. He was worried if the servings were big enough for a dinner meal and no, he won't be dining there with his friends in a hurry. This is the phase in life where buffets look awesome (he's been in that phase since dragonboat days and counting. how nice to have permanent excuses to carbo load.)
Nigel was suffering from a terrible jetlag. He could only deal with tasting. Not actual eating. Did well with the chicken though. Juicy, tender. Didn't taste much sherry but none of that affected an alcohol intolerant like I.

So new restaurant offering by the end of 2011. Last year was the ichiban line of restaurants that has seen our frequent dining attempts throughout this year. And hey, the family has TCC-ed! :)

I don't know about you but I love my family. :)

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