Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brunetti at Tanglin Mall

Italian. Definitely Italian.
I spotted biscotti and cannolis. Oh those chocolate cookies. And the tarts.
The cakes. Pastries. Didn't I just leave these behind in my Italian dream?

Then my girlfriend tells me that she's tried lots of their offerings since her uni days in Melbourne. Didn't I know that Brunetti's is an Australian icon. No. Apparently not.
But. Hmm. How so?
Reading up, it seems that this is as Italian as their founder gets. Giorgio Angele is a native of Rome who first came to Australia in 1956 as a pastry chef with the Italian Olympics team. He opened up his first little cake shop on Melbourne's Faraday Street in the 1980s and has seen a succession of outlets across Melbourne since then.

And guess what, their Singaporean outlet was designed with the aim of making customers feel like "they are walking into a store in Milan," says Yuri Angele, Giorgio's younger son who currently runs the cafe with his brother Fabio. And indeed. That was the exact feeling it conjured up in me. Hit the nail right on the spot there guys.

Large glass display counters showcased their mindboggling range of nibblets just as in those patisscerie we've walked into along the streets of Italy. And their prices were competitive. Their cannolis were going for $5 and these were sold outside the Milano Stazione Centrale for EUR $2.50 a piece. I'd rather have it fresh and enjoy it with a cup of latte here than buying it from the street markets and eating it standing around. :)

We just missed breakfast offerings till 12 noon when we got there so we had to select from their all-day menu. Fish and chips were listed as appetizers but their portion size made good for a main. Their mac and cheese at $17 was a tad dear for their miniscule sprinklings of ham bits and mushroom but if you were looking for richness. This was rich and creamy to boot. Very filling.

My macchiato latte was very thoughfully served with an extra shot of coffee on the side just in case it was too much of a latte and less of anything coffee-like. We learnt it well in Italy. Latte is just hot milk. Specify coffee if you wanted any. :) For $5, I gladly order this anytime.
Apparently from my research (yes, Dr. Google) found that everything at Brunetti is manufactured and sold on the same day. So although we had no more space or time for desserts, this is one place i'm definitely paying a return visit to. If only to relive my Italian dream. And oh yes, desserts of course :)
Brunetti Singapore

163 Tanglin Road, #01-35, Tanglin Mall

Singapore 247933

Tel: 6733-9088

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