Saturday, March 15, 2008

I think i wasted my march holidays. but looking on back, it wasn't such a waste after all :) hello shepherd's pie, baked rice and baked pasta. i ate little to none of it cos i had my course in church :) papa yeo and mama yeo were on leave starting wed. but hey, still calls from the office for both of them. she only got a few. daddy was practically at work. he missed out on afternoon siesta times, had to be prodded to eat his food before it got cold, had to eat dinner later because calls from thailand were coming in every other minute, had to be on the laptop/ blackberry every other minute. sigh. on the brighter side, we had lunches, dinners together almost everyday on leave. yay for family time. doesn't matter if it meant i had to skip doing work to do mad things like being out with them to buy bedsheets. no matter how terrible the food might be, it doesn't matter. and of course sometimes the food was good. like tung lok seafood. :) even then, daddy was on the blackberry. sigh.

and today after bible study, i made an important decision. i decided to abandon my lesson plans and head on out to ecp with daddy and nig. they went fishing. i attempted to blade. for a total of 20 minutes. just going from one end of the jetty to the other. all without falling! yay. the initial part was the worst. when you're unaccustomed to wheels. then it gets easier. when the fear goes away. just like how it would be for all things. when the fear disappears, then can i be made perfect in love. :) praying and waiting on the Lord for that. so after having been hidden in the storeroom lonely and uncared for, these blades saw lovely sun today! :)

they couldn't be done with fishing in 20 minutes. so bye bye blades and hello shoes. trusty running shoes that weren't made for running. these shoes have seen fall and winter with me, lots of trails and running escapades. one more for the record. i jogged a pathetic amount having my hair in the way. i needed something to secure it. and after i managed to find a rubberband in the most unexpected part of the car, i decided i had to run. a proper distance. and so i did. :) 2.4k. wasn't a lot but it was all i could take. i'm physically challenged. i shouldn't push myself too hard. not yet anyway. *hums~"trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey..." it was a good reminder. it was a good run. i still need to clear me up. it's probably true. too little recognition. too little confrontation. it's me i need to deal with. and i will. people. faces. places. memories. baby steps. my lil brother caught a flat fish. daddy got a baby fish. but i know he enjoyed his time. just being away from the world for a bit. just living a little. i'm tired. but i'm happy. :)

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