Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the monsoon period is here to stay for a bit. we're seeing whole day rains, intermittent torrential rain, nonstop drizzles. but that doesn't change no thursday dateline for my assignment. haha. monday was a bedok chwee kuey morning and east coast macs for the whole day. it was nice, hiding from it all in a cosy cafe with my friends. lunch was definitely not macs. we wandered out to the hk cafe nearby only to get my honey lemon drink complete with that sticker that comes on lemons. i almost spat out my drink when i saw it. and what did the manager say? oh, the kitchen staff probably didn't see it. no apology, no move made to make my dining experience any less than disgusting. they served us charred carrot cake and explained it as the method of cooking. i've been a waitress once, i don't want to make their life difficult. but to give me blatant excuses as such? you eat those things yourself. honestly. mummy's birthday was monday night. complete with lotus root pork rib mee sua and curry chicken. mmm. and tuesday was a whole day at home making shepherd's pie, baked rice and baked pasta. aunt's off day is cooking day. but i had to be off for a missions course at church. and what time did my day end? 4am in the morning. hello breeks at T2. i could get used to doing my work at the airport. i like it. a lot. :) cafe lattes and bbqchickencheese sandwiches. we're crazy but not so much i don't think. haha. assignment's a nightmare. but no one said i had to live it out as one. we're having fun working on it.
and hey you. is it so hard to be congenial? be strange if you want. but how hard is it to find it in you to be polite. sigh. God speaks comfort. you instill fear in me. but really. whom shall i fear when i am Yours. :) when the going gets tough, the toughness gets trained. continued waiting upon Him. less of an action, more of an attitude. :) everyone's home on holidays. yay familytime! :)

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