Saturday, March 08, 2008

practicum has been... too slack. sure it's crazy doing lesson plans, being involved in school activities. but maybe it'd because i havent actually taught yet so it feels that way. i had to go on a chinatown heritage tour on tues with the p3 kids. it was a terrible day for me. from 7 in the morning till 530pm. then kairos course at church till 930 pm. i was flat out tired. but it was good. as the Lord saw me through it all. fri was the annual sports carnival. it's a new thing where its bye bye sports day and hello sports for everyone. :) i liked the idea. a lot. and it really works. i think all schools should adopt it. n we had prata men on site for the teachers' lunch. from gayatri restaurant. the pratas were nothing much to speak of. but the curries were decent. :) it was nice. just sitting there hanging out with my colleagues. nothing short of grace. to be where the teachers are nice. :) daddy's home today. 'm glad i had family time. instead of being where i won't be appreciated. qu'est-ce que c'est sur vous. i really don't know. i need a break. and thank goodness for the march hols next week and kl maybe. yay. :)

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