Monday, April 21, 2008

hello zek! :) here's looking at you. some photo i randomly dug up. it was probably like in early feb when i had sushi with my girlfriend. i have not seen her since practicum started. i know she's cleared all her observations and i still have 3 more to go. In any case, back to the main point. i've been in starbucks more times in this year than i've ever been in sec sch- which was the max by the way. i don't know why we don't do coffee bean but i guess i'm not ready to share my sunrise. zek! i didn't get my promised sunrise? :) i just got a heart attack text from my monster mentor. but i will not bother to talk about it. this is a happy post. :)
so dinner on sunday night was zichar. guess which one i ate? :) there's only 4 bowls and one ngoh hiang. why? cos daddy went to frankfurt already. :( ytd was more work at kallang leisure mall. i made a brochure. :) i love the mac. i love pages. it makes my life so much simpler. ooh. which reminds me. i am also now a little and i mean A LITTLE enlightened about photoshop :) thanks rich! and it was a good time of hanging out on a sat morning. and thanks. for making the first move to say hello and the effort to ask me if i was joining you all for lunch. 5 days in church last week alone. i'm joining the league of extraordinary men and women. no looking back. moving on and moving up! :)

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