Monday, July 13, 2015

The Plain @ Craig Road

Blink and you'll miss it.

But you couldn't possibly miss Monday's panic button served in a fire engine red cup. 

Saturdays here at The Plain are altogether noisy yet welcoming. 

'Customer recognition' and 'making everything as if it is for the beloved' are values warmly exuded from the staff and food offerings here at The Plain. 

This is probably what keeps the crowd coming in week after week and owner Vincent Teng, attributes it to his mentors Bill and Faye Colls, who have taught him everything there is to know about running a cafe when he was working with them in Melbourne.

A Flat White made with Genovese coffee grounds.
Press for help on a Monday. Or every other day as needed. :)

Since this was only available on weekends, of course we had to get it. 
The Weekender's Eggs ($18) came with a generous serving of smoked salmon and a topping of salmon roe on a slice of Multigrain Toast. This was for sharing and there was no attempt to desperately cut up salmon pieces for each bite. 
The poached eggs were well excecuted with a runny yolk and a creamy rich hollandaise sauce made even better with a squeeze of the lemon slice. 

We also had a Turkey Ciabatta which was recommended by their sweet and friendly waitstaff.
She said that there was only one left which helped us skip the grief of deciding which other sandwich to get.

Simple interiors of gray scale walls, communal tables and a large menu framed on the wall.
This was perfect for a kickback, chillax Saturdate.

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