Friday, July 17, 2015

Mad about Sucre @ Teo Hong Road

Mad About Sucre is a private confection label that marries the best of French confection techniques with the glorious British designs. We specialize in handcrafting bespoke wedding and celebratory cakes & confections in Singapore.
We are anti-thesis of modern day conveniences and do not use any cake premixes and any artificial flavorings. We reduced between 20% to 60% of sugar required in the original cake  recipes. Hence, our cakes are well-balanced with smooth natural flavors with the natural ingredients shining through.
We handcraft every cake and confection from scratch so that you and your loved ones can rediscover the joy of eating quality cakes and confections that naturally taste as good as it looks.
Bake with love. Bake for love.
-Taken from their website here
Coco citron// Light coconut mousse, light lemon curd, shattered crystals, sable tart. A pale and understated dessert. While all that glitters is not gold, this was so lightly refined it's reminiscent of the elegance that is Coco Chanel. Perfect to be served as first of four dessert selections paired with a pot of fragrant Japanese pear and Yuzu with white orchid tea.

Jardin de Massialot // traditional French bake dessert of French Vanilla, Egg, French cream & 5 liquored- marinated citrus salad. *Hic! 
This was altogether simple yet high society.
Cheers to the weekend.

And they serve their desserts in order of intensity to the palate. So this was last on the list. 
Just before our last dessert, they recommended that we took a break in between and served us a pot of lotus tea on the house to ensure that we were not overwhelmed by their desserts.

A very lovely touch and a definite plus on service excellence. 

San Domingue // 70% single origin chocolate. Rum jewel box. Caramelised plaintain. Brittany crunch.
Remove the jewel box and break it open on the sides such that the rum flows out and seeps into the brittany crunch.
Slice open the chocolate dome and have a generous spoon of chocolate creme, plaintain (banana) and the rum-soaked crunch base for a truly orgasmic oral experience.
We were expecting a more chocolate-y flavour but yet, this was just perfect on the palate went down our throats smoothly.

We love this place, their creations and the people here. 

Of course we will be back. :)

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