Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Congee House in Myeongdong

And here we go, looking for some abalone porridge in the heart of Seoul.
Take the subway to Myeongdong and take Exit 9.
Once you exit from the station, walk straight and turn into the first left.
A small alleyway where you will then walk straight ahead to the end. If you look up to the right, you would spy a green signage with a big chinese word 粥 for Congee House.

This is their regular set for abalone porridge at 10 000 won.
With jeotgal (pickled squid),
dried pickled radish and kimchi.
And there's a shelf where they stock these items for you to purchase if you can't get enough of these banchan items. 

There's also their recommended upsized version with an extra huge serving of abalone 
at 15 000 won.
Visually stunning.
Equally satisfying for the tummy.

They also have other choices on their porridge offerings ranging from seafood to the regular chicken option.

Run by a cheerful and hospitable old man,
you'll be sure you're getting good service when you visit.

We couldn't speak Korean,
and he could barely understand our English.
Still, he was very keen to find out where we were visiting from.
And when we told him we were from Singapore,
he immediately took out his restaurant's namecard and wrote a 10% on it.
Telling us to show him that for a 10% discount on our next visit.
How sweet is that?

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to repeat our patronage.
Till next time!

4th floor, 12-19, Chungmuro 2-ga, Jong-gu, Seoul
Contact: 02-757-8460

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