Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my wonderful weekend. wed night was a nightmare. the weekend started on thursday really. when we all hung out to do the audio clip. 3 girls and a boy who makes for easy work. everyone's so readily willing to help that it's amazing. efficeincy being the key, perfectionism being the middle name. we all had ideas, we all wanted to do it well. and we had fun :) a cow mooing, a doorbell press, a scray sound effect, a plunge into the water splash. sigh. i'm missing it already. friday was a mad day in school with the service learning projects. of which most of the time before 12pm was rushing for the 100% assignment submission. and most of the time after 2pm being waiting for the girls. that was some sticky situation. but i think we'd iron it out okay. :) i went home for a nap first before shopping. i like shopping alone. it gets to be hard to decide on stuff sometimes when you're alone. but i think i like the therapy. :) growing older doesnt always necessarily have to mean getting used to being alone. but in my case, that's just it. and it's not such a bad thing once you get used to it. being happy being alone. that's maturity? i wonder. saturday was my nature walk. and it was the first time bringing out girls from the girls' home. it was intimidating initially. but thank goodness for my group leaders, for randolph. things were a lot easier. :) cooking tong shui after that at liz's place was also fun. most things i attempt for church are first tries and by God's grace they work out okay. :) and the housewarming at hweilin's place in buangkok was lovely. my girls, their madness, the conversation. i like to be the one outside looking in. i dont like to be the one talking. and that's just it. they let me be who i am. what i like. i like the company. i could live without it i suppose. but yeah. fellowship is impt. and i'm glad i make the effort. but that meant seeing daddy only for 5 minutes this weekend. sigh. he mistook the timings for his flight and went there at 9am only to find out it was to be at 2pm. silly dad. he's coming home this friday. i wanna stay home to hang out with daddy. :) saturday hotpot! yay. miso? i share with exco. :) sunday's tong shui, chin chow and longan and iced cocktail event was brilliant! 777 in total. for 130 bowls? there's no business like church business. well. cos no one talks business in church. love offerings they are. :) i like serving in church. doing the things that make me happy. the walk to the mrt was strange but nice. it's a stark reminder of the things that are. but a good reminder that it's a work in progress with God. i'm a work in progress. are you? :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

the laptop has been reformatted and given a new lease of life! albeit a rather empty one currently. cny has been my nightmare. what with food poisoning lasting for a whole week. and the positive thing about it? it forced me to take a break. knowing my limitations and not do too many things at any one point in time. thank God i had enough strength to make a bigggg carrot cake stuffed full of ingredients. He gave me Nigel who was more than happy to help with grating carrots and chopping waxed meat. :) but making that also meant that i ran a temperature, had to be wrapped up in a comfortor even in the full heat of the afternoon. it also meant that by the evening, i was reduced to tears and lying in bed. my back ached so bad it was unbelievable. it's the first year ever that i have missed the mandatory chinatown shopping after reunion dinner. sigh. even so, my full body detox did not stop me from a 7 course dinner for 3 at jumbo and 2 days later an 8 course dinner with family at jumbo. hahaha. well. some things you just have to do. you only live once ;) it's been a crazy time. ping ping's given birth to lil baby clyde, joey's away from camp on counselling, uncle manu had already passed on a few days back, i found myself at the airport again last weekend. friday was a jam packed day starting with 830 lessons, lunch at the cathay, doing work at starbucks, kallang macs, meeting some stranger at tiong bahru to get a travel charger for the cellphone, dinner with steph, cellgroup, supper with jo and grace. i only got home at 1am. tired? yes. happy? yes. life's not bad. could be better but hey, who's complaining for now? :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

peanut frenzy part II. even having a bottle rejected still leaves me feeling like it's NOT enough. but well. i think i'm done with the oven for a while. reunion dinner's gonna be a biggg thing. and i doubt i can make my carrot cake anymore. :( i've got more impt things to worry about. like taking out my stitches. sigh. what constitutes wisdom. definitely not -that- tooth. :)

just another of them whampoa dinners. i like it. a lot. it was a rainy sunday and half the youths had lunch together at nihon mura. i wanted to go too. but a promise is a promise. and trudge thru bugis village i did. it was mad. but i came out with a happy fuschia dress for cny. my shopping trip was fruitful. hahaha. and my girlfriend got herself some pretty clip on earrings. and where else to rest my achy back and swelling gums but sakae. :) lots of yummy sushi and a therapeutic time of sharing. i'm keeping you in prayer. and hoping that you'll cast all your cares on Him who cares for you. :) i'm still here only because i do that. no other way. trust and obey babe. have yourself a good family trip. you deserve the rest.
and this deserves special mention. haha. my amk hawker centre carrot cake is back! :) it's not TO die for. but it's good enough to queue up for. it's pricey. and i still like the one the old man fries with lots of chye poh. but well. it was nice to see the old hawker centre back again. i miss breakfast with you.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

what i look like after i got punched. hahaha. well nah. it was a wisdom tooth surgery. owwie stitches. that dark stuff? my tooth is somewhere in that. hahaha. a chopped up tooth with gum attached. no i dont think anyone needs accompanying graphics. haha. i was worried. and scared. but i kept praying and i got out okay. my friends came to pick me up for shopping :) i'm pretty cool. shopping with a face like that and a mouth full of blood and stitches. hahaha. i was okay till the LA wore off and my painkillers were in the car. haha.
so what do you do with 6 days of MC you won't use (because it's not worth it) and a constant pain you need to get out of your mind? bake! peanut cookies part II. 237 + 256. oooh. hahaha. still not enough for everyone i want to give. but it should be enough for most. :) and i bothered to get myself disappointed by you.
i learnt how to make pretty cards at YA mtg today. and i'm gonna be learning photoshop soon. God never wastes a hurt. i'm stronger than i think :)

what exco says, exco does. :) cheesy crab maki. and lots of sashimi and miscellanous item. you order what you want. eat what you can. somehow we always manage to finish it all. i love how we complement each other. and how all of us are good listeners- at least amongst us. :) ice cream and sushi. my favourite foods, just because they are associated with my fave girls. sushi and shopping. we miss you ex gf.