Sunday, February 03, 2008

what i look like after i got punched. hahaha. well nah. it was a wisdom tooth surgery. owwie stitches. that dark stuff? my tooth is somewhere in that. hahaha. a chopped up tooth with gum attached. no i dont think anyone needs accompanying graphics. haha. i was worried. and scared. but i kept praying and i got out okay. my friends came to pick me up for shopping :) i'm pretty cool. shopping with a face like that and a mouth full of blood and stitches. hahaha. i was okay till the LA wore off and my painkillers were in the car. haha.
so what do you do with 6 days of MC you won't use (because it's not worth it) and a constant pain you need to get out of your mind? bake! peanut cookies part II. 237 + 256. oooh. hahaha. still not enough for everyone i want to give. but it should be enough for most. :) and i bothered to get myself disappointed by you.
i learnt how to make pretty cards at YA mtg today. and i'm gonna be learning photoshop soon. God never wastes a hurt. i'm stronger than i think :)

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