Monday, February 04, 2008

peanut frenzy part II. even having a bottle rejected still leaves me feeling like it's NOT enough. but well. i think i'm done with the oven for a while. reunion dinner's gonna be a biggg thing. and i doubt i can make my carrot cake anymore. :( i've got more impt things to worry about. like taking out my stitches. sigh. what constitutes wisdom. definitely not -that- tooth. :)

just another of them whampoa dinners. i like it. a lot. it was a rainy sunday and half the youths had lunch together at nihon mura. i wanted to go too. but a promise is a promise. and trudge thru bugis village i did. it was mad. but i came out with a happy fuschia dress for cny. my shopping trip was fruitful. hahaha. and my girlfriend got herself some pretty clip on earrings. and where else to rest my achy back and swelling gums but sakae. :) lots of yummy sushi and a therapeutic time of sharing. i'm keeping you in prayer. and hoping that you'll cast all your cares on Him who cares for you. :) i'm still here only because i do that. no other way. trust and obey babe. have yourself a good family trip. you deserve the rest.
and this deserves special mention. haha. my amk hawker centre carrot cake is back! :) it's not TO die for. but it's good enough to queue up for. it's pricey. and i still like the one the old man fries with lots of chye poh. but well. it was nice to see the old hawker centre back again. i miss breakfast with you.

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