Monday, February 18, 2008

the laptop has been reformatted and given a new lease of life! albeit a rather empty one currently. cny has been my nightmare. what with food poisoning lasting for a whole week. and the positive thing about it? it forced me to take a break. knowing my limitations and not do too many things at any one point in time. thank God i had enough strength to make a bigggg carrot cake stuffed full of ingredients. He gave me Nigel who was more than happy to help with grating carrots and chopping waxed meat. :) but making that also meant that i ran a temperature, had to be wrapped up in a comfortor even in the full heat of the afternoon. it also meant that by the evening, i was reduced to tears and lying in bed. my back ached so bad it was unbelievable. it's the first year ever that i have missed the mandatory chinatown shopping after reunion dinner. sigh. even so, my full body detox did not stop me from a 7 course dinner for 3 at jumbo and 2 days later an 8 course dinner with family at jumbo. hahaha. well. some things you just have to do. you only live once ;) it's been a crazy time. ping ping's given birth to lil baby clyde, joey's away from camp on counselling, uncle manu had already passed on a few days back, i found myself at the airport again last weekend. friday was a jam packed day starting with 830 lessons, lunch at the cathay, doing work at starbucks, kallang macs, meeting some stranger at tiong bahru to get a travel charger for the cellphone, dinner with steph, cellgroup, supper with jo and grace. i only got home at 1am. tired? yes. happy? yes. life's not bad. could be better but hey, who's complaining for now? :)

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