Sunday, June 17, 2007

tendonitis. how to? a blunt knife and a very big fish to fillet. hahaha. it was an evangelistic event in church last night. for 30 odd people. estimated 60 ppl. so the preparations. were. in a word? mad. hahaha. but when God guides, He provides. i never boiled soup with yellow soybeans before. yesterday was a first try. and a pretty passable one at that. hello to more nutritious soup for the family next time around! :) and in the spirit of today, HAPPY DADDY'S DAY! make daddy a card, say something nice, or just give him a hug. :) i did the first. am contemplating that last. i'm too embarrassed to showcase my card. it's a juvenile primary school card. but hey, it's got the words from all his three children and beloved wife. blessed sunday!

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