Saturday, June 30, 2007

so yesterday i had school till 130. i got home at 2ish. bathed. and attempted to sleep at 245. and woke up at 3 to go for a survey at 4 till 6 and waited for my girls till 745 (alone!). adam road hawker centre chicken rice man has seen me sit by myself for a whole hour. hahaha. it was hot. smokey. stinky. but worth it :) sambal stingray, nasi briyani, indian rojak and satay. mmm. a picture says a thousand words. especially when they capture happy moments like these. :) the food was okay, the nutella was a lil overwhelming cos cassie we counted you in and shared a tub with your share. haha. but the company? amazing. honestly. cos we bother. :) it was a long day. a long. but happy day.

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