Tuesday, December 03, 2013

while on transit in hongkong

Meet friends!
Dearest Celia, who drove over from Central for the last hour of transit :)

Deep fried egg noodles with king prawns in kung po sauce.

Makes for a very happy girl :)

but then she regained her composure.

Tsui Wah's mixed meat grill platter.
Here's chicken, pork, beef and sausage all into a single flaming hot grill with borsch sauce.
Now pour with caution.
Open up your napkins and hold it in front of you while the sauce is poured.
Otherwise, be prepared to be blessed with the sauce.
I kid you not.

Tsui Wah has gained a reputation for being a classic cha chan teng in Central, HongKong. The downside? Too many customers and a lack of quality control has caused quite a bit of unhappiness for the recent diners.

Thankfully though, the customer service at the airport was brilliant at 930pm and the food was yummydelish.

The crispy noodles were topped with large king prawns with delicious thick and tangy kung po sauce.

And the mixed grill meats were done perfect. I didn't have to struggle with cutting up any of the meat fillets and the borsch sauce just topped off the entire platter perfectly. Loved my side of roasted baby potatoes too.

Kudos to the chef. 

So while on transit in Hongkong?
Drop in on Tsui Wah at T1 just above the departure hall for a taste of Hongkong.
You'd be hardpressed to leave... :)

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