Friday, July 19, 2013

breaking fast on the 8th day of Ramadan

The essentials of nasi lemak.
And I do concur!

The name literally translated means 'rice in cream'. Coconut cream of course.
And progressions in today's efficient world system means boiling the rice in coconut milk these days.
But here at Nasi Lemak Kukus, you get your coconut rice steamed the time honoured traditional way.
Making sure the calories count!

Now this was a statement that caught my eye. 
Was this a glaring reminder for the kitchen staff?
A daring guarantee for every customer?
Or a subtle challenge for a return visit?
Very nicely encapsulated in a mission statement.

And do we have a Robert Browning fan in the house or perhaps an AC boy?
Most definitely a Commando though ;)
If you know what I mean.

I love the rustic laidback feel of concrete walls filled with writings.
A perfect place to kickback and chillax with good food and great music.
The photos and banner help to highlight food choices for the fickle minded customer. :)

Settling in happily with an order of a Vietnamese drip coffee.
At $2.50.
I kid you not.

Help yourselves to dinner please.

Even as I'm typing this, the unmistakable fragrance of the steamed coconut rice floods my senses.
Past midnight, this is a disaster for my heightened senses.
The good part about this though, 
is that Nasi Lemak Kukus stays open till 3am.
Yet another foodie find going into the treasure trove for midnight supper club dates! :) 

Staying focused and moving on. 
The fragrant rice costs just $1 and it's free flow.
So please. No sharing of rice guys.
Eat up! 

The plethora of dishes that lay ahead all looked tantalizing.
I wanted a bit of everything!

It was only at the checkout counter that I saw how much my little bit of everything cost.
This was an $11 plate of nasi lemak. 
Now I understood why the serving staff behind the counter topped up my okra for me.
The charges per serving are neatly typed and pasted on the glass panel above the dishes.
I'm not sure how my serving of 3 sambal prawns would cost as compared to say 5 sambal prawns?

Costs aside,
The rice was chewy and had a good bite to it.
It's uniquely different from the nasi lemak rice found in the usual hawker stalls.

The mutton rendang was sedap nya! :)
For a non-mutton lover, the meat didn't have the gamey taste I'm afraid of and it was tender to the bite.

Ayam masak merah was a perennial fave for me till tonight.
The chicken drumstick was tough and the sauce wasn't at all appetizing.

Two choices on the sambal. 
I had the spicy option. 
And boy, that was an instant addiction.

If you ever wanted just rice and sambal,
I'd give this place a 5/5.

Dripped and stirred.
Rich with the fragrance of coffee and thickened with condensed milk.
The perfect accompaniment to my fiery sambal.

Bunch of happy campers!
Thanks to for the invite and to the awesome coordinators- Calvin and Fizah. :)

Nasi Lemak Kukus 

Address: 908 Upper Thomson Road, S(787111)

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